Subject Office

The Subject Officeis is responsible for formulating discipline development plans, guiding the construction of postgraduate education conditions, and the quality supervision.

Master’s Programs (Academic Degree)

Programs Type

Discipline Category

First-level Disciplines

Academic Degree


Applied Economics


Theory of Marxism

Natural Science


Atmospheric Science



Electronic Science and Technology

Information and Communication Engineering

Control Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Environmental Science and Engineering

Software Engineering

Cyberspace Security

Meteorological Observation Technology

Internet of Things

Management Science

Management Science and Engineering

Business Administration

(Note: The above shows information ending November 2021)

Master’s Programs (Professional Degree)

Programs Type

Professional Degree Type

Professional Degree Fields

Professional Degree

Master of Finance


Master of Applied Statistics


Master of International Business


Master of Social Work


Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages


Master of Electronic Information

The New Generation Electric Information Technology

Integrated Circuit Engineering

Computer Technology

Control Engineering

Opto-electronic Information Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

Big data technology and Engineering

Network and Information Security

Master of Earth Resources and Environment

Environmental Engineering

Geomatics Engineering

Master of Communication and Transportation


Master of Agricultural Extension

Resources Use and Plant Protection

Agricultural Engineering and Information Technology

Agricultural Management

Rural Development

Master of Professional Accounting


Master of Tourism Administration


Master of Fine Art


(Note: The above shows information ending November 2021)

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Admission Office

The Admission Office is responsible for graduate students’ enrollment of Chengdu University of Information Technology.

● Main Work

1. Responsible for the entrance examination, second round examination and the admission of graduate students, as well as the data collection and statistical analysis in the process of admission;

2. Formulating, reporting and implementing the graduate students’ enrollment plan of CUIT, improving the graduate enrollment system, deepening theoretical research and standardizing the enrollment process;

3. Formulating graduate students’ enrollment publicity;

4. Assisting superior departments in the registration of newly-enrolled graduate students

5. Completing other tasks assigned by leaders.

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Cultivation Office

The Cultivation Office is responsible for the cultivation of full-time and part-time graduate students in CUIT.

● Main Work:

1. Formulating policies related to graduate training;

2. Student status management.

3. Graduate academic management: formulation and management of training plan, curriculum arrangement, teaching operation, students’ course selection, examination management, student academic evaluation and score management;

4. Training link management;

5. Curriculum development: teaching-material construction, teaching reform, teaching researchand evaluation;

6. Management of non-degree students and contracted students for institutes;

7. The construction and management of innovation competition;

8. Graduate innovation and teaching laboratory construction;

9. The construction of the practice base for graduate students;

10. Teaching accident identification in graduate cultivation;

11. Supervision and management of graduate cultivation

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Degree Office

The Degree Office is responsible for the degree application, defense, degree awarding and issuance of degree certificate for graduate students of Chengdu University of Information Technology, as well as the selection and management of graduate tutors.

● Main Work

1. The organization of graduate degree applications;

2. The management of graduate thesis evaluation, blind evaluation and defense organization;

3. The issuance of graduate degree certificates;

4. The selection of supervisors and the excellent tutors;

5. The management of CUIT degree committee and school degree committees;

6. The organization of excellent master's thesis evaluation;

7. Dealing with graduate students who violate academic ethics;

8. Research and fund management of graduate education.

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